Miley Cyrus did Parents a Favor

If up until the VMAs last night you, among with Josh Gracin, were under the impression that your preteen daughter was wisely being entertained by a 20 year old hell bent on proving….anything…then Miley Cyrus did you a favor.


Well, for the past couple of years Miss Miley has been doing everything in her power to prove to some unknown entity that she’s not fake, a child, typical or whatever else she picks up on and takes offense to. “Everything” has been a list of things that includes videoing herself with bongs, getting snapped licking a cake in the shape of a male member, dancing on a pole at the Kid’s Choice Awards, twerking in a monkey costume, or sticking her tongue out every thirty seconds to punctuate every wannabe sexy thing she did on stage at the MTV video music awards.

In case you missed one of those or any of the other red flag moments that should have cued you to get your non-NC17 friendly child away from the TV when Miley was announced, you definitely got the point last night. A day late and a dollar short, perhaps, but better late than never. I mean, if you missed everything else, you really do need to thank her for giving you Foxworthy level sign.

You should also thank her for sending an outpouring of resentful parental feelings onto the interwebs about it. Seems like you’re not alone in finding her behavior appalling. I’m honestly so very glad everyone has made their feelings on Miley’s performance so open and blunt…because the door for bluntness swings two ways.

Miley is your child.

Don’t deny it, either. Not only did you feel the need to berate her for her behavior, but you feel that she has an irrefutable place in your family that makes her as much an influence as a big sister! Anyone with such a significant impact on the molding of your child’s psyche and moral compass MUST be blood!

Ok, I’ll leave the pretentious dramatics to Miley, but the point I’m really trying to get at is that you can’t blame the impressionability of a child on someone else. The truth is, your kid is only highly impressionable because you’ve left them that way. Children are born malleable and are to be guided and molded to the highest degree by their parents. If they’ve gotten into the preteen stages still as impressionable as they were at two when they parroted everything they heard, then that’s not the rest of the world’s fault. A child’s level of impressionability is a sign of how much parenting has happened. So, it’s a good idea to disown Miley as your child’s familial role model (again a thing that is only really allowed by parents) and take an active role in helping your child become capable of seeking their role models and mentors.

Having said that, you should thank Miley again. Because she’s made you aware of how much more fortifying you have to do inside your child’s impressionable little mind. The impressionable minds of innocent children have survived Elvis’ pulsating pelvis, Madonna’s cone bras, and Britney’s life from 2007-2011. They’ll survive this, too, as long as the world remembers there’s always going to be a long imperfect world surrounding their prides of joy.

I’ll thank Miley Cyrus, too. I have an eight year old daughter and a six year old son to ensure do not make it to the age of twenty feeling impressionable enough to have to prove every naysayer and peer wrong for the trivial opinions they may have about their life.


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